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Best Ideas for a Dessert Table

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Fancy Dessert Catering? Whether creamy or crispy, with fruit or chocolate or just about everything together. We like to conjure classic desserts such as mousse au chocolat or invent magical creations. We fill many of our delicious desserts into small mason jars. That looks great and tastes fantastic.
We produce all our desserts fresh in our home. With our desserts the dessert becomes the main actor!
We know most of these questions and most of the time we have a plausible answer. Just give us a call


Dream in White


 A small selection:
• Snickers cream with fine caramel and roasted peanuts
• Tiramisu in mini-glass
• Tiramisu
• Panna cotta in a glass with raspberries
• Yogurt and pineapple cream
• Cherry Mascarpone cream with Amarettini
• Exotic fruit salad with vanilla sauce
• And many others

Dessert in white by Mauritius Creative catering Service



 A small selection:

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