Best Barbeque Grill Catering

Best Barbeque Grill Catering

BBQ Chicken by Mauritius Creative catering Service



Assortment of chicken in total around 450 grams per person
In addition, chicken sausages at least 3 per person

Garlic bread


Home made mayonnaise; Ketchup, BBQ Sauce

Serving temperature: Hot
Calculate around Rs 495 per Person

We can also offer for your BBQ:  Fish, Lamb, Prawns for a special charge.

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Seafood BBQ



Different pieces of seafood, 400 gr approx

Garlic bread


Home made mayonnaise

Service of 2 waiters


Serving temperature: Hot
Starts as from Rs 790 per Person depend from your choice.
Talk with us and find the best for you.

  • The barbecue was a success.Will recommande your services.